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Content Designer & Content Producer

Content Designer & Author

First we should define content age or it’s better to say we should accept we are living in content age. It’s the age that content plays both an essential role in our world and has found wider dimensions quantitatively and qualitatively.

In many future-mining issues, some statistics and information are mentioned representing that the content produced in the recent decades are the same to total amount of whole human time.

Nowadays, considerable content about many of areas are produced qualitatively and quantitatively.

In the front, there is always knowledge production for unknowns, science production is surely necessary and inevitable; but about many topics including human sciences such as philosophy, marketing, branding, morality etc. there is content production in the scale that makes confused the audience.

We have been observing content production in human sciences at a scale that the general audience of these areas is confused among all these sounds.

The contents produced in one area are many times with important inconsistencies with each other while they are wide and vast.

Diversity and abundance of content has led to observe new solutions and literatures in this area.

Currently, we at define the phrase of content designer.

content-vs-designWhere was wanted to identify and to make our world, was caught content production and some phrases like science production, content production, author and writer were formed.

We now need content designer. For example, in marketing there is content production in a scale that audience don’t have the problem of lacking information, but they need a person design and create an attitude and style among all of these contents.

Definitely, we still need to progress and produce science in these areas, but the audiences need someone to create a new method among all these contents, to design a style and to create a desirable harmonic or music among all non-harmonic and sometimes opposite sounds.

Content design can, among a mass of existing non-harmonic sounds, create a desirable rhythm and the audience can see a meaningful harmony.

Therefore, this expertise that there will be more need of it soon is appeared named content designer instead of author and writer, and its main work is to select contents and putting them together like artists; such that in the end we observe a desirable harmony. This person should have a complete knowledge of that area and create a new style and rhythm of that area by his/her science and experience art.

Author: Mohammad Abrishami


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